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OnSale! Nespresso C100-US-AERO Essenza Automatic Single-Serve Espresso Machine with Nespresso Aeroccino

Nespresso C100-US-AERO Essenza Automatic Single-Serve Espresso Machine with Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother, Titanium

Product Description
Combination package of C100 Automatic Essenza and Aeroccino. Compact Brewing Unit with a 19 Bar pressure pump and thermobloc heating element. Automatic and programmable Coffee Quantity (Settings : 40 ml for espresso, 110 ml for lungo) with backlit on/off and coffee volume buttons. The Essenza also has a removable water tank (41-ounce.) and features easy insertion of capsules and ejection used of capsules into capsule container with capacity for 14 used capsules. The Aeroccino is a one touch machine to get milk froth or hot milk (automatic stop function) Simple milk dosage indicated in the jug (two levels: milk froth and hot milk)

  • Single-serve automatic espresso machine with Aeroccino one-touch milk frother
  • For use with coffee-filled capsules; 19-bar pump; ThermoBlock heating system
  • Automatic and programmable coffee quantity; electronic temperature regulation
  • Removable 41-ounce water tank; capsule-collection container; 12 capsules included
  • Machine measures 11-1/2 by 6-1/2 by 10 inches; milk frother measures 4 by 4 by 6-2/3 inches

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Nespresso, I love you!
I tried Nespresso in Switzerland over xMas break and wauw. Couldn't wait to get home to get one. The crema is incredible, the coffe amazing and it was soooo easy to setup and use. The Aeroccino is also amazing, made a PERFECT cappuccino. Even the decaf is incredible, I would never know it was decaf if I hadn't chosen the capsule myself. Good on you Nespresso, this is a fantastic product! And on Amazon it's a great deal, more than 25% off retail store price.

Easy Peasy
I purchased this Nespresso C100 from Amazon right after Christmas since it didn't come from Santa, so I have been using it for over a month now. I love how easy it is to use and how quickly I can have an espresso or lungo. You add water, drop in the coffee capsule and press a button. In less than a minute you have a cup of very silky smooth coffee with a nice little froth on top. The Aeroccino milk frother that came with it is also easy to use and gives you almost instant frothed milk... or heated milk if you like. The only down side to this product is the fact that you have to order the coffee capsules through Nespresso. But... they offer many great options and quick delivery and the capsules only run from 55-62 cents per capsule. My last order including shipping, etc. was $36.55 for 50 capsules, so that works out to be 73 cents a cup. Not bad for quality coffee.

Perfect cup of coffee every single time
I bought the Nespresso C100 as an anniversary gift for my wife who is a big coffee drinker. After reading the reviews on Amazon and also trying the Nespresso in a store, I pulled the trigger. I can say that since we've had the item (3 months), it has been PERFECT. It makes the perfect cup of coffee or espresso, EVERY single time. Our coffee is so good that when we eat or go out, we don't drink coffee from a restaurant, e-bar or worse Starbucks because we'll be disappointed. You can order pods from Nespresso directly and they also offer seasonal flavors which are all incredible. You will only want to drink Nespresso coffee and espresso after you buy this machine ... it's that GREAT!

we love this machine, its like espresso machine for dummies. no fuss, no muss. push a button and delicious espresso comes out large or small. there's a review here that categorizes the espresso pods and i have to agree.... Arpeggio is our favorite also. We have tried most of them and i think arpeggio is true to taste, no bitterness. very very tasty. the aerocino is awesome!! and we got the double walled espresso glasses to match. i highly recommend this machine to anyone, very very pleased with the purchase. and the nespresso club is very very fast at shipping. ordered the machine from amazon which is 220, nespresso sells for 349. and ordered pods from the club they both came the same day. wooohooooo!!!

pricey espresso
This unit makes a quick, perfect espresso....of the large and small variety. It's best to pre-heat your cup in the microwave if you prefer a very hot cuppa. The only problem is the necessity to use Nespresso coffee products. The capsules are not available for a discounted price. Your cup of very satisfying coffee will cost at least $.50 a cup. Of course you know this fact if you've done your homework before going in!

The unit fits well under the cabinets. It is no problem to clean and maintain. It comes with a sample assortment of tasting capsules, (caf and de-caf) so you'll know what tastes to order. The aerator is an easy to use, separate unit, for frothing milk.

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